International Photographic Competition 2019 Awards!!

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Entering photographic competition is part of my journey in photography. It feeds my competitive nature but also allows me to get better at my craft.

This year I entered the International Photographic Competition, through the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), in 2 categories. I am thrilled with the results. More on that in a bit.

The International Photographic Competition, or IPC, is open to photographers from around the world and draws the best of the best. There are six categories. All of which, except one, have to be original to the photographer. meaning every single part of that image must have been taken by the photographer, even if they are photoshopping the image.

  • Portrait – Children, a high school senior, an animal, or a general portrait.
  • Illustrative – The landscapes and commercial work that captures the beauty of nature, industry, or architecture
  • Wedding – must be REAL weddings and not staged shoots
  • Albums – A collection of images that are put together to represent a particular event or theme.
  • Artist – Conceptual imagery that is manipulated beyond the original origin.
  • Creative Open – May include other elements that were not created by the owner and usually are creative and conceptual.

These are the images I entered:



A lot of hard work but so worth it. Especially when I take home awards!!

  • Silver medalist in weddings!!!
  • Gold medalist in Portraits!!
  • 3 images went loan!!!

Going “Loan” means they are considered the best of the best and worthy of recognition as such.

It is so much fun working on these competition photographs. Here are some behind the scenes photos from the shoots with the amazing people I worked with to create the images.

Hair: Maila Couture
Makeup: Rosangela McCann

Venue: Agora Grand

Model: Brooklyn Kelly
Hair: Alisha Salisbury
Makeup and prosthetic: Rosangela McCann

Sugar Rush
Model: Karlee Plante
Hair: Maila Couture
Makeup: Hanna Jalbert

Model: Sarah Adolphsen
Hair: Tiffany Stines
Makeup: Rosangela McCann.

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