Flourish in Motion: Creative Maine Dancing Photography

Flour 6 HEADER - LAD Photography

What happens when you combine a talented professional dancer, a backyard, and tons of flour? Magic. Michaela Boissoneault, a multi-talented dancer, singer, and entertainer, graciously agreed to be the star of a concept photo shoot. Her backyard became our canvas, and flour, our medium. With the help of my two assistants and Michaela’s sister and parents, we embarked on a flour-filled adventure. Picture this: containers of flour flying through the air as Michaela moved gracefully, embracing the chaos with every step. In fact, we went all out and bought every bag of flour Hannaford had – and used it all! It was messy, it was exhilarating, and it was absolutely worth it. The resulting images captured the essence of movement, blending the ethereal beauty of dance with the unexpected charm of flour in flight. The header image even garnered attention in the Maine Professionals Photographers Association photo competition, proving that sometimes, the most unconventional concepts can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Cheers to the joy of creative collaboration and the magic that unfolds when you dare to dance in flour.

Flour 1 - LAD Photography
Flour 2 - LAD Photography
Flour 3 - LAD Photography
Flour 4 - LAD Photography
Flour 5 - LAD Photography
Flour 6 HEADER 2 - LAD Photography
Flour 7 - LAD Photography
Flour 8 - LAD Photography

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