Bringing Out Viking Personality Through Fine Art Photography

Vikings 1 HEADER IMAGE - LAD Photography

This concept shoot has been a project I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. The captivating subculture of Viking ancestors has always intrigued me, and I must admit, I’m a little envious of their inherent badassery. Having dated a couple of Vikings over the years, I’ve come to appreciate the pride they carry in their culture and history. With a deep fascination for these fierce warriors, I embarked on a journey to create a concept photo shoot that would realistically depict the essence of a Viking.

The Viking Spirit

Originally, my plan was to photograph a male in a Viking costume, and it was essential for him to have genuine Viking heritage. However, fate had something else in store for me. When I began planning the session, Cat Herrera, a fellow photographer, reached out to me, proudly declaring her Viking lineage, “you know I’m a Viking, right???”. I was also overwhelmed with inquiries from Mainers with Viking bloodlines, but Cat’s striking look and her remarkable hair caught my attention. That’s when my concept evolved, and I decided to have a female Viking instead. Just when I thought the path was set, Bash, embodying everything I had envisioned for my original plan, expressed interest in the photo shoot. Not wanting to let go of the opportunity, I decided to capture both of their Viking personas in separate shoots and then created a powerful image that portrayed them in head-to-head combat, which coincidentally also resembled a boxing ad!

The Art of Storytelling

To add an extra touch of authenticity to the shoot, I enlisted the talents of Nikki Hunt, an incredible special effects makeup artist. My request to Nikki was simple: make Cat and Bash look like they had just spent a day on the battlefield, complete with dirt and blood stains. I must say, Nikki did an outstanding job, going above and beyond my expectations. Apart from the bloodstains on Bash’s shirt and a touch of blood color in their hair, none of the effects were achieved through post-processing. The result was a gritty and lifelike portrayal that truly brought the Viking spirit to life.

The Viking Within

Cat was kind enough to provide real Viking weapons and attire, including a genuine bear pelt that Bash wore over his shoulder. Both Cat and Bash were so immersed in their characters that when I asked them to scream as though they were in the midst of battle, they obliged with gusto, resulting in loud war cries echoing through my studio space. I must admit; I was a little concerned that passers-by and my studio’s upstairs neighbors might be alarmed and call the police LOL! In fact, Bash’s commitment to his character led to a hilarious incident when he decided to drive home in full Viking makeup and got pulled over by a police officer. Fortunately, his girlfriend, who was not dressed in Viking garb, was there to provide some laughter during the unexpected encounter.

This photoshoot was an incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Capturing the true essence of Viking warriors required careful consideration of lighting, poses, and authenticity. I wanted the images to look as real as possible, and I believe we achieved just that. As I look back on this project, I couldn’t be prouder of the results. The collaboration with Cat, Bash, and Nikki was fantastic, and their dedication to the concept truly brought the Viking spirit to life in my studio.

Vikings 2 - LAD Photography
Vikings 3 - LAD Photography
Vikings 4 - LAD Photography
Vikings 5 - LAD Photography
Vikings 6 - LAD Photography
Vikings 7 - LAD Photography
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Vikings 10 - LAD Photography

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