Be Part of LAD Photography’s Award Winning Concepts!!

As a photographer, I love pushing myself and growing my knowledge.  In the slow season (there is not a lot of winter work for photographers in Maine) I tend to recharge my creative batteries and create one of a kind pieces with models, professional makeup and hair team, and wardrobe. These images have gone on to become award winning concepts.

You may have seen some of my award-winning images in past posts or over on my LAD Photography Facebook Page. These images have gone into state, district, national and international competitions.  Two of these images were chosen by Team USA to represent the country against 30 other countries in an “Olympics-style” competition called the World Photographic Cup!  One took sixth place in the world for a portrait.  Another made it to the top 90.  Until recently I have always created these images for myself.  For my own creative purposes.  But now, I am so excited to announce that I am now offering these photo shoots to my clients!

The awards Lauren received in the 2019 MPPA convention for her award winning concepts and wedding imagery

Last year I was commissioned by one of the top videographers in the state to create a custom piece for her  that represents who she is at her core.  The process was eye-opening, and I now feel so close to this client.  We had to have some revealing conversations about her loves, fears, losses, goals, and her passions in life, and in getting to know her in this way, I was able to create a piece that she said brought her to “happy ugly tears”.

Creating an art piece for my clients brings out my passion for my work, and more importantly, my passion for other people.  If you have ever dreamed of being part of a fine art image then this is for you. Talk to me.  Tell me what I can do to create something amazing for your wall, that you can look at every day, that documents where you’ve been and where you’re going.  Let me create a custom concept art piece for you!

Below is a video of my award winning concepts, and just some of the awards I’ve earned with them. Be part of the awards!  Your fine art piece may very well be the next World Cup photograph!

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