Boudoir is one of my favorite things.  Women’s boudoir, men’s boudoir, couples boudoir.  It’s all amazing.  Why?  Because it’s not just about getting “nekkid” and having your photo taken, it’s about realizing self-beauty, no matter what your shape or size.  It’s not just about giving your boudoir images to someone else as a gift, but giving the gift of confidence to yourself.  Of course walking in to a boudoir session can be intimidating.  You’ll have to undress in front of someone with a camera.  Not high on everyone’s list of things to do, I’m sure.  My approach is to laugh our way through the session.  We focus on the parts of you that you (or your significant other) love the most, and we downplay the parts we aren’t so confident about.  We all have those parts.  I get it!  There is no reward I love more than when my boudoir ladies and gents tell me they never thought they could look so good in a photo, that they had fun, and that they want to do it again!