A Boston Harbor Hotel Wedding on New Years Eve

In the City | Jewish Wedding at Boston Harbor Hotel on New Years Eve


Brian and Lindsey first met me in July when Brian hired me to photograph his proposal to Lindsey on the rocky coast of Maine in Acadia National Park!  After photographing them during the surprise proposal, and for about an hour afterwards, Lindsey and I had really connected and she asked me to be their wedding photographer as well.  I happily accepted.  

It only took about a month before Lindsey contacted me with their wedding date at the Boston Harbor Hotel, not even FIVE MONTHS from the date of the proposal!  As they said during their engagement photos, they “just can’t wait to get married”, and they meant it!!!  They had met through online dating, as so many people do now, and according to the toasts on their wedding night, Brian said to Lindsey as she sat down on their first date, “If you don’t like me, you don’t have to stay”.  Well Lindsey stayed, and their love for one another was obvious to those around them very early on.


Lindsey is a school teacher, and her care towards creating a perfect experience for each and every guest was apparent.  She wore antique jewelry that was handed down in the family, was given the most beautiful hand-made chuppah to stand under, which she had adorned with beautiful white orchids by South Shields, and had the finest foods and cocktails on the menu. A live band, First Class Band, provided amazing music as well.  Check out the amazing centerpieces and table settings as well!


Once they were dressed for the evening, Brian and Lindsey braved the cold to have a first look under the archway at Faneuil Hall, and then wandered along the docks for a couple creative photos in the dark.  When they returned to the hotel, they took a couple photos with their large wedding party, and also chose to do family photos before the ketubah signing.


What a beautiful tradition, where the couple signs a document outlining their responsibilities to each other as a married couple.  I remember when Lindsey sat to sign her part, she announced “this it the first time I’m signing my name as Lindsey Marks and it feels sooooo gooood!!!”  The groom then holds the bride’s veil over her head as part of the ceremony, and the family, who are also in the room for the signing, got to share a toast.


Brian and Lindsey chose a traditional ceremony as well, with Brian’s parents walking him to the chuppah, and then Lindsey’s parents walking her.  However, Lindsey put a wonderful twist on her entrance.  She entered alone, walking to meet her parents about a third of the way down the aisle, where they took her arms and brought her another third of the way before taking their seats.  She stood alone, exchanging smiles with Brian before he walked to meet her in the aisle and take her hand to walk her the rest of the way to the chuppah.

A traditional tallit, ketubah reading, and breaking of the glass were also part of the ceremony, and they chose to spend time after the ceremony in yichud (seclusion).  I often think that this time in seclusion should be an automatic part of every wedding day.  It can help the couple connect on such a busy day where time seems to fly by, and give a private moment alone to an otherwise not-so-private day.


Once the reception was underway and the first dance was finished, the Hora was danced, where the couple get hoisted into the air on chairs.  I just LOVE this dance!!!  Several toasts followed, from wedding party, parents, and Lindsey’s Mimi.  The cake was cut without being announced, and the parents’ dances were also unannounced and low key.  But after these formalities were done as guests finished their meals, the band picked up pace, New Years hats, tiaras, and noise-makers were passed around, and the entire guest list partied like it was 1999.  Fireworks were set off over the harbor, and guests watched from the windows and danced, danced, danced!!!  At midnight, the countdown was shouted out, Brian and Lindsey kissed and the crowd cheered as they welcomed the New Year in true Boston fashion!!!


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