Sand Beach isn’t the choice of most people that hire me to capture a marriage proposal.  The beach is quite heavily visited, and most people assume you can photograph a beach proposal anywhere.  How is this unique to Maine or Acadia?  

The answer is because of the surroundings.  Where else do you have a little inlet with a small beach of soft sand that is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and an open view of the ocean ahead of you?  Maine’s unique rocky coast is very present at Sand Beach, and getting the opportunity to move a bit closer to the water than you can anywhere else in the park means you have an opportunity to capture the sea up close and personal.


Coordinating with your photographer is key.  Tyler and I went through many emails back and forth, planning how to recognize each other if the beach was crowded, how to get her there without raising suspicions, how to coordinate outfits, and how to propose in a way that looks perfect in a photograph.  The lengths that we go to in order to create a perfect memorable moment are so very worth it when we hear “yes!” as the answer to the most important question of your life.

Tyler talked Liza into a sunset picnic on Sand Beach.  There were quite a few people there when I first arrived, but what most people don’t realize about tourist-filled places in Maine, is that most people disappear around dinnertime, and then retire to their hotels and Airbnb’s and don’t come back out for the exquisite sunsets coastal Maine has to offer.  By the time Tyler was ready to pop the question, there were only a handful of people left on the beach.


I am sometimes hired specifically for my ability to take a gorgeous sunset photograph.  Balancing the light of sunset with my portable lighting equipment so that my clients pop against the colorful sky is something I teach other professional photographers how to do.  For this reason, I love scheduling sessions for the last hour of the day.  The light is soft and flattering, and I have an opportunity to capture another sunset, something I do best.

I loved Sand Beach as a proposal location, and hope to help more happy couples become engaged here in the future!

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