JB + Crystal’s Wedding at Lake Parlin Lodge

Crystal and JB (35)I had the honor of being an associate photographer at this gorgeous wedding at Lake Parlin Lodge near Jackman, Maine last October. Crystal chose me to photograph her wedding alongside her friend who was new to weddings, and I’m so happy she did! The day was chilly and a bit windy, but the love that filled the air warmed hearts and put smiles on everyone’s faces. I don’t think anyone actually felt the cold!

This wedding in the beautiful mountains of Maine was just magical. From the vibrant foliage around Lake Parlin to the epic after-party, it sure was a colorful one…. even down to the groom’s socks.  Ha!!!

While Crystal’s friend was off photographing the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready I was with JB and his crew of characters as they prepared for his big day. All the details fell into place perfectly. With a little downtime before the ceremony, I was able to get some great candid’s of the kids in the rocking chair and the groom sharing a pre-ceremony beverage with his best friends. So many laughs!!!

The ceremony began with the cutest procession of the flower girl, who ran full speed down the aisle to her father who was in the wedding party, and ring bearer that had a sign around his neck that read “Too late to run Uncle B. Here she comes!” They were even accompanied by a four-legged friend. So cute!!

Crystal was stunning and radiant as she came through the doors of the lodge and down the lawn toward the docks with her father, and JB couldn’t hold back the emotions and happy tears. I love these beautiful moments during a wedding.  Her exquisite necklace was perfectly paired with her lace dress. There was laughter and tender moments as they exchanged their vows, and JB was presented with a family heirloom ring, which was such an honor that he began to cry.

What a joyous celebration of these two loving people, capped off with a shared drink right from the bottle!

After the ceremony, we had a little fun along the shore of the lake with the bridal party. The wedding party was a ton of fun! I couldn’t help but steel the bride and groom away for some images of them together with the beautiful scenery and woods of Maine. I love the contrast of rustic camp vibes with the elegant attire.

So much thought went into all the details of this day. The beautiful floral centerpieces and place settings are to die for!!!

More laughter was shared during speeches under the tent, and once dinner was finished everyone moved and onto the dance floor in the lodge. Sharing their first dance under the colorful lights, the good times and high energy of the day were kept alive all night by the band Motor Booty Affair, a favorite of Crystal’s mother. They put on one heck of a show!!!

It was a perfect day for JB and Crystal that was full of laughter and fun, and I thank JB and Crystal for choosing me to be a part of their special day. I wish them all the best in their life together!!!
Crystal and JB (1)Crystal and JB (2)Crystal and JB (3)Crystal and JB (5)Crystal and JB (4)Crystal and JB (9)Crystal and JB (6)Crystal and JB (7)Crystal and JB (8)Crystal and JB (10)Crystal and JB (11)Crystal and JB (12)Crystal and JB (13)Crystal and JB (16)Crystal and JB (14)Crystal and JB (17)Crystal and JB (15)Crystal and JB (18)Crystal and JB (19)Crystal and JB (21)Crystal and JB (22)Crystal and JB (23)Crystal and JB (25)Crystal and JB (24)Crystal and JB (26)Crystal and JB (27)Crystal and JB (28)Crystal and JB (29)Crystal and JB (36)Crystal and JB (30)Crystal and JB (31)Crystal and JB (32)Crystal and JB (33)Crystal and JB (34)Crystal and JB (37)Crystal and JB (38)Crystal and JB (39)Crystal and JB (40)Crystal and jb (46)Crystal and jb (41)Crystal and jb (42)Crystal and jb (43)Crystal and jb (44)Crystal and jb (45)Crystal and jb (47)Crystal and jb (50)Crystal and jb (49)Crystal and jb (51)Crystal and jb (52)Crystal and jb (53)Crystal and jb (54)Crystal and jb (55)Crystal and jb (48)


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