I Shoot People for a Living

Is that so bad?

Welcome to my blog. I have always had an aversion to blogs, until I realized I was pretty much using my website and Facebook as blogs, and then realized maybe I didn’t hate blogs so much after all.

So here’s my attempt at blogging. Sigh. I’ve caved.

I welcome your questions, comments, strange humor and sharp tongues. As long as it’s in the spirit of sharing, learning, laughing. Oh no. I think I just sounded like a Playskool commercial.

Anyway, I’ll be working on posting a bit of a “Year In Review” soon, and then shortly after I will let you know about some of the kick-ass things that I have lined up for 2014! If there is anything you’d like to see me offer, stop offering, improve on, et cetera, please feel free to comment!!!!!

Oh yes! I also started a Google Plus Business account. Find me and leave a review for me there if you would like to help boost my SEO. I’ve got a goal to make it to the first three pages without paying for it. Heck ya, I’m ambitious!!!!

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