I Got to Eat Dinner with The President!!!

OK, OK, so it was the president of the MPPA (Maine Professional Photographer’s Association), but definitely just as exciting. 😉

Last weekend I spent 4 days at the MPPA Convention in Brunswick, Maine, learning, listening, taking notes, becoming more and more inspired by the minute, and watching the judging of the annual image competition. Holy crapola! I am so honored to be part of such an incredible group of photographers! I’m definitely going to enter competition next year. I think I’m ready… I HOPE I’m ready!! LOL

Anyway, about dinner with the Prez… I was invited by Russell Caron, the outgoing president of the MPPA to sit at the head table with him, his lovely “first lady” Liz, world renowned photographer (oh yeah, you should totally look this guy up) Robert Freson, other members of the MPPA Board, and the winner of a freaking butt-load of awards, Ms. Felice Boucher. AMAZING work. I’m SO giving her the stink eye because I’m so jealous of her work. Heehee!!!

Anyway, I’m so super-dee-duper excited to have this experience. Can’t wait for next year!!!

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