Champlain Mountain Proposal in Beautiful Acadia National Park

Champlain Mountain Proposal in Acadia

I’m pretty sure at this point I photograph more proposals every year than any other Maine-based photographer, and I love every minute of it! Many couples choose to be dressed up for the big moment and find a place that’s easily accessible, but Emery had bigger plans. He and Katie love to hike, so he decided to make a day of it while in Acadia, covering 11 miles of trails, the last of which would be the hike for their Champlain Mountain proposal.

The Best Laid Plans…

I love how authentic the moment is when he knelt to propose. I always prepare the nervous “proposer” with some tips to make it all go seamlessly, and so that clutter doesn’t show in the images, but after their 11th mile, Emery was exhausted and had turned around to find this spot before actually hitting the summit of Champlain, which put Katie up in arms for a minute, since she was unsure why after that long of a day he didn’t want to finish the last 15 minutes of the hike to the summit.

Little did she know that the reason he had turned around was that he had passed the spot where he was to propose, and he knew he had to meet me there for the big moment. By the time they reached the right spot, he wasted no time dropping his backpack where he stood, and kneeling to ask her to marry him, with Katie still wearing her backpack and camelback and her jacket tied around her waist. I thought it was so cute how none of these things mattered, regardless of the prep he and I had done, when the moment finally came. She said yes without hesitation, and when he pointed me out she started laughing and said they had passed me on the trails and she thought I was just another friendly hiker!

Sunset On a Mountaintop

Not many people are willing to hike down a mountain in the dark just to stay for golden hour or sunset at the summit, but if you love to hike and own a headlamp, I highly recommend it. The views are second to none, and there’s a good chance that you’ll be the only people there, as most people will leave the summit early enough to ensure they make it down during daylight… even if it means they miss the gorgeous sunset views. I’m so excited that Katie and Emery stayed as long as possible on the mountain with me to get photos during golden hour!

I loved this Champlain Mountain Proposal and I’m so excited for this genuine and laid-back couple!

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