Blended Family Photos on Old Orchard Beach

Blended Family Photos on Old Orchard Beach

Nothing better than a beautiful sunset on the beach. Especially for your blended family photos.

Old Orchard Beach is one of my favorite places for family photos, and Liz, who trusted my recommendation without question, told me she was so happy with the final images.  I even got a holiday card from them using their favorite photo!  You have no idea how warm and fuzzy this makes me feel!!!


Liz and Mike met me a while ago when they hired me to photograph their upcoming wedding.  I learned that between the two of them, they had three daughters, each from previous relationships, and their daughters would be playing an important role in their wedding.

When they noticed how hard the wedding industry was hit by Covid-19 restrictions, they wanted to help, and asked me to take their blended family photos.  Liz claims they are somewhat awkward in front of the camera, but honestly I think she’s full of it.  


Liz is a born planner.  She’s an organized and well put-together woman, so she also wanted to make sure that they wore something “beachy” for their photos.  She had originally chosen Navy blues and whites, but when I suggested a few other ideas for color palettes, she chose to go with pastels, and once they saw the final images she was so happy she did.  The pinks and blues of their outfits matched the soft colors in the sunset sky perfectly!!!


When it comes to family photos, it’s important to understand that within a family there are often smaller parts to the family, and that each child has a unique personality.  It’s also important to make sure that grandparents and parents get their own special images as well.

I made sure to photograph the five of them together, but also to do special photos of Mike and Liz alone together, as well as photos of the girls, together, Liz with her daughter, Mike with his daughters, and a photo of Mike’s daughters together as well.  And then, because each of these girls is so different and sassy and kind and silly in their own ways, we made sure to photograph them each individually to let their personalities shine a bit.


I can’t tell you enough about the love and support I’ve received from this family since they found me for their wedding.  I’ve learned so much about them, and keep up with them on social media, and Liz and Mike are always happy to make funny comments on my posts as well.  I’ve had 2am chats with Liz, who was having a bit of insomnia one night, and learned that Mike is psyched about how he looks in the family photos since he’s recently lost some weight and feels great about his progress.  I’ve connected with Liz over the struggles of remote learning, and the difficulties of doing this with a special needs child.  And Liz has often checked in with me to make sure I’m doing okay with the challenges of being a small business owner in a pandemic.

This family means so much to me.  I can’t wait for their wedding day.  xoxo

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