Lawrence High School Senior, Griffin

Griffin Senior 6 HEADER - LAD Photography

I had a blast photographing Griffin, Lawrence High School senior, for his senior photos! Not only did he take the initiative to book the session himself, but he also paid for it out of his own pocket—a true compliment to my work. Griffin mentioned that he admired my outdoor photography and appreciated how I bring natural settings to life in my photos. For his session, he chose Vaughn’s Woods in Farmingdale. While it’s a popular spot for senior pictures among locals, it stands out as a unique choice for someone from Griffin’s school. This setting, with its serene beauty and timeless charm, provided the perfect backdrop to highlight Griffin’s personality and celebrate this milestone in his life. I’m thrilled to share these moments and showcase Griffin’s individuality through my lens.

Griffin Senior 1 - LAD Photography
Griffin Senior 2 - LAD Photography
Griffin Senior 3 - LAD Photography
Griffin Senior 4 - LAD Photography
Griffin Senior 5 - LAD Photography
Griffin Senior 6 HEADER 2 - LAD Photography

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