Mandy, Class of 2024 Senior Session

Mandy Senior 5 HEADER - LAD Photography

Mandy’s family hails from Fairfax, VA, but with relatives in Maine, Mandy and her family are no strangers to Vacationland! I took both of Mandy’s cousin’s senior photos, and the family was so happy with them that they asked me to do Mandy’s while in Maine for a vacation. Mandy’s purple dress was her own creation, put together from pieces of different garments. And one thing I LOVED doing at this session was going to the family’s farm where Mandy likes to help feed the sheep. It was so fun creating a truly unique senior photo surrounded by dozens and dozens of sheep! So cool!

Mandy Senior 1 - LAD Photography
Mandy Senior 2 - LAD Photography
Mandy Senior 3 - LAD Photography
Mandy Senior 4 - LAD Photography
Mandy Senior 5 HEADER 2 - LAD Photography

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