Karlee, Maine Outdoor Boudoir

Karlee is an amazingly beautiful woman inside and out. Having the confidence to trust your photographer is key to creating awesome images, and Karlee did that from the first frame.  She showed you don’t have to bare it all to be sexy. Her off the shoulder sweater and soft gaze are gorgeous. country girl
gazeAfter sorting through a trunk full of clothing options, we decided on a few items.   Her lace lingerie was the epitome of pinup perfection, and her jean jacket was reminiscent of the All-American girl.  And as the light in the field changed during the afternoon, we were able to create some amazing soft golden images that really brought Karlee’s Victoria’s Secret-worthy looks to life.  I mean, really, how can this woman possibly look bad in a photograph, right?!?
All American Girlpink
Stunning maine portrait

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