Caitlin, Hall-Dale High School Senior

Caitlin Senior 1 HEADER - LAD Photography

When I opened my studio in Gardiner, Maine, I wanted to showcase the magic of senior portraits, debunking the myth that they’re stiff and overly posed. Offering a free session to the first student who inquired was my way of proving that studio photos could be vibrant and authentic. Caitlin, a Hall-Dale high school senior, was quick to seize the opportunity, becoming the trailblazer for this new perspective. Not only did she receive a stunning yearbook photo at no cost, but her session also impressed her parents so much that they opted to purchase the entire collection.

Caitlin’s artistic flair was evident from the moment she stepped into the studio, brushes in hand along with one of her captivating paintings. Combining her passion for art with photography, we created a mesmerizing double exposure, blending her silhouette against the backdrop of her artwork. Purple, her favorite color, lent a rich and meaningful hue to the background, perfectly capturing her unique personality and creativity.

Through Caitlin’s session, we shattered misconceptions about studio portraits, celebrating her individuality and artistic spirit in every frame. It was a joy to collaborate with such a talented senior, showcasing her journey as she prepares to step into the next chapter of her life.

Caitlin Senior 2 - LAD Photography
Caitlin Senior 3 - LAD Photography
Caitlin Senior 4 - LAD Photography
Caitlin Senior 5 - LAD Photography
Caitlin Senior 6 - LAD Photography
Caitlin Senior 7 - LAD Photography

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