Fitness Shoot with Pro Bodybuilder, Shaina

Competition Fitness Shoot

Shaina is a competitor and has worked really hard to be at the highest level. This was her first fitness photoshoot and she absolutely knocked it out of the park.

Being a bodybuilder is a lifestyle and the results show the hard work that is involved in sculpting the body. Diet, proper nutrition, and an exercise schedule is a large part of the journey but just as important is the consistency and mental toughness to keep going.

Shaina has competed in several fitness and physique competitions and has earned a medal from the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation for her dedication.

It’s hard to believe from looking at the images that this was her first photoshoot EVER! She absolutely rocked it and her confidence was radiating by the end of the shoot.

The lighting I created was on purpose and meant to highlight the definition muscles and shape of her figure. A bodybuilder works on specific muscles to create that definition so why not show it off!

Special thanks to Matt of Stonetree Creative for the use of his studio for this shoot. And Jillian, of Posh and Pinned out of Hallowell, for hair and makeup.

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