Rock the Dress

Rock the Dress sessions, as well as Rock the Prom sessions, are some of the most innovative and creative photographs you can imagine in your wedding gown, tux, or prom dress.  Not only do you get to put the ensemble on one more time, but you get to choose your location.  You can choose a modern cityscape, strutting your stuff in the cobblestone streets of Portland.  You can wade into the waters of a lake at sunset.  You can choose to bring your bridesmaids along and have them cover you head to toe in handfuls of paint to create a work of art from your dress.  The truth is, people aren’t handing down dresses anymore, and the chances that your dress will sit in a box in your attic for the rest of your life, never touched again, is pretty big.  Why not have a professional photo shoot with dramatic lighting, in a gorgeous setting…. something you couldn’t do on your wedding day or prom day?