Oh the fun of engagement photos!  Having your engagement photos taken is one of the most important decisions you can make while planning your wedding.  Not only because you will have some incredible photographs to display in your home for years to come, but because it benefits both you and me when it comes to your wedding day.  By having yourself photographed before your wedding, you become comfortable with having your photo taken, and whether you love your engagement photos can help you decide whether I am the right person to have with you on your wedding day.  It also helps me know which poses work best for you, what you’re style is, and who you are as a couple.  By the time your wedding day arrives, the clicking of the camera’s shutter won’t phase you, and your day will have a wonderfully relaxed feeling.  You can be comfortable knowing that you have already seen what I can do, that you love the way you look in your photos, and you can focus on simply enjoying your day.