Who is LAD?

LAD is me!  Lauren Amber DelVecchio, Maine-based New England and Destination Wedding Photographer (and hopeless romantic), and Award-Winning Certified Professional Photographer.

I love to smile.  I love happiness.  I love LOVE.  When you talk with me, you’ll quickly realize that I am a few things: laid-back, passionate about what I do, and a bit of a goofball!  I do not discriminate on any level, and am excited to work with people of all creeds, colors, traditions, religions, and sexual orientations.

I LOVE what I do.  I have been in business since 2004, and while many photographers photograph weddings only until their portrait work will allow them to do only portraits, I’m on the other end of the spectrum.  My favorite thing to photograph is weddings!  I also really enjoy High School Seniors, concept photography, and boudoir shoots.


I want you to have the most amazing wedding day ever, and I truly believe that happens with careful planning, and taking the time to get to know you.  You’re not a client to me.  You’re a friend.

I want to take photographs for you that are both classic and creative, and that truly represent who you are, what you love, and that capture the spirit of your day.  Photography that is beautiful, meaningful, and emotional.

Wedding photography isn’t just about your wedding day.  It’s about the months, and sometimes years that go into preparing for your wedding day.

I am here for you any time you want to chat, to answer any questions you have about the planning process, and can give you a laundry list of tips and tricks to help make your day beautiful… and fun!  I even prepare a photography itinerary for you so nobody feels rushed.  Unlike many photographers, I don’t just show up on your wedding day and photograph it as it happens.  I work for you long before your wedding day to ensure that what happens on your big day feels nothing less than perfect, and your photographs will reflect that.

I believe in giving you as much information as you need to have the power to make your own educated decisions, because let’s face it, you’ve probably never planned a wedding before, and once you dive into the planning process it can become quickly overwhelming, especially if you’re planning your wedding from outside the state.

When your wedding day is over, your spouse, rings, and photographs are all you have left of the day.  You have one special day to marry the person you love most in this world.  If it’s not captured by someone with experience, skill, and artistic ability, you can’t go back and do it over.  You never want to look at your photos and view your day in any other way than how you remember it in your mind:  Beautiful.  Classy.  Romantic.  Fun.

Prices and packages and payments aside, you will have to spend more time with your photographer than any other wedding vendor.  Hire someone that you feel comfortable with.  Someone you actually like.  Hire someone who makes you smile!


High School Seniors are a favorite thing for me.  I adore making every young woman feel like a super model, providing photos that aren’t your static “smile at the camera!” kind of stuff.  And the guys are so easy to shoot, since my laid-back personality seems to mesh well with pretty much every senior guy out there.  I enjoy capturing who each Senior is, and bringing out what makes them so unique as they prepare to take on the world!


There is nothing more rewarding than making a beautiful woman (whether they know it or not) feel like the hottie that she really is.  These photos don’t even have to be for someone else.  Often, they are a testament to a woman’s inner strength, self-appreciation, to celebrate weight loss, to celebrate being a woman.  Period.  From traditional bedroom-style images, to dramatically lit studio backdrops, to pinup style boudoir, tell me who your inner diva is and I’ll capture it for you!

There’s a bit about me and what I do…. Let’s schedule a time to chat so you can tell me about you!